Weekend box office: The Amazing Spider-Man does well while Savages is another flop for Taylor Kitsch

Weekend box office: Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man

I can only imagine the executives at Sony breathing a deep sigh of relief today as their Spider-Man reboot, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN not only did well during the 4th of July holiday, but also did pretty well at the weekend box office.  Not there was too much doubt; slapping the name “Spider-Man” on just about anything is going to do well its first weekend.  But with the negative reactions to some of the trailers and the overall disinterest in retelling an origin story that was told just ten years ago, Sony should be pleased with how Spidey performed.

Who shouldn’t be breathing easy today is Taylor Kitsch, who might go down as the worst box office performer in the history of movies.  To recap, Kitsh has starred in three movies this summer, JOHN CARTER, BATTLESHIP and this weekend’s SAVAGES.  Those movies cost $250 million, $209 million and $45 million respectively.  So far, JOHN CARTER AND BATTLESHIP have made (domestically) $73 million, $45 million and about $15 million.  True, those are just domestic numbers and by the time you factor in international receipts and Blu-ray sales, the losses won’t look so bad.  But if I’m a studio executive, I’m staying as far away from Taylor Kitsch as I possibly can.

Next week sees the release of ICE AGE 3: CONTINENTAL DRIFT, but no one really cares because on July 20th, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES opens up and we can all celebrate.  It’s not technically the end of summer movies, but after it sets all the records, it’s going to feel like it.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1.The Amazing Spider-Man $66m ($141 million since opening July 3rd)

2. Ted $35.5m

3. Brave $23.5m

4. Savages $16.6m

5. Magic Mike $14.9m

6. Madea’s Witness Protection $10.6m

7. Madagascar 3 $8m

8. Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D $7.3m

9. Moonrise Kingdom $5m

10. To Rome With Love $3.2m


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