Weekend box office: The Avengers exceeds expectations and shatters records

Weekend Box Office: The Avengers shatters records

We all knew it was going to be big.  Back when the first Iron Man film hit theaters, the seed was planted for THE AVENGERS film.  But we all had to be patient and wait for standalone movies of Captain America and Thor to make it to the big screen before we could see all of our favorite heroes assemble for one epic film.  And the excitement building up over the years as various stars made cameos in each other’s films was unprecedented in movie history.  With excitement and buildup like that, THE AVENGERS was ripe for a letdown, but Marvel did everything right with the film and their superheroes, most notably, hiring fan favorite Joss Whedon to take on the delicate task of bringing everyone together.  And the result is the biggest opening weekend in box office history.

We still need the final Sunday numbers (obviously), but right now, THE AVENGERS is set to haul in over $185 million in its opening weekend.  To put it in perspective, the previous record holder was HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2, which had a $169 million opening.  It also took in $18.7 million, just on its midnight showings, besting the midnight showings of IRON MAN, IRON MAN 2, THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA, combined.  THE AVENGERS made $80.6 million total on Friday, making it the second highest opening day gross, right behind Harry Potter.  And I didn’t even get to the international numbers, which has the film on pace to make over $575 million worldwide.  Not too shabby for a little film about superheroes.

Of course, THE AVENGERS was made to be this epic, money-making film, so no one should be surprised.  But we should all be thankful that this film was actually as great as we hoped it would be.  Kudos to the executives at Marvel who gave Whedon the keys to the franchise.  I’m sure that big pile of money they’re rolling in right now is proof enough that giving superhero films to people that know and care about the material is a smart decision.

UPDATE: Updated numbers now show that THE AVENGERS is set to take in just over $200 million.  Wow.

1. The Avengers $200m

2. Think Like A Man $8m

3. The Hunger Games $5.7m

4. Pirates! Band of Misfits $5.4m

5. The Lucky One $5.4m

6. The Five Year Engagement $5.2m

7. The Raven $2.6m

8. Safe $2.5m

9. Chimpanzee $2.3m

10. The Three Stooges $1.8m


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