Weekend box office: The Lego Movie beats About Last Night and Robocop

Weekend box office The Lego Movie

I don’t know if I can think of a time when three remakes of 80’s movies opened in the same month, let alone on the same weekend, but that’s exactly what happened this Valentine’s Day as ABOUT LAST NIGHT, ENDLESS LOVE and ROBOCOP all hit theaters at the same time.  But as it turns out, THE LEGO MOVIE wasn’t ready to let go of the top spot at the weekend box office as it repeated in first place, continuing its impressive run.  Of the three remakes, ABOUT LAST NIGHT had the most success, pulling in close to $30 million.  But all of them did pretty well, with each of them falling in line behind THE LEGO MOVIE.  The other new movie of the weekend wasn’t an 80’s remake, but WINTER’S TALE didn’t do as well.  In general, WINTER’S TALE was trashed by critics, receiving some of the worst reviews of the year.

Next week sees the release of Paul W.S. Anderson’s POMPEII and assuming he lives up to his previous films, it probably won’t find much of an audience.  We also get Kevin Costner in an action role in 3 DAYS TO KILL.  As much as I like Kevin Costner, I have zero faith in McG.  With two (probably) lackluster action movies opening as competition, I’m guessing THE LEGO MOVIE will easily make it three weekends in a row atop the box office.  And with the good word of mouth it’s receiving, I’ll bet that ABOUT LAST NIGHT will hold on to the second spot.  Note: the numbers below are for the three day weekend totals and will be updated as they become final.

1. The Lego Movie $48.8m

2. About Last Night $26.8m

3. Robocop $21.3m

4. Monuments Men $15.3m

5. Endless Love $13.5m

6. Ride Along $8.7m

7. Winter’s Tale $7.5m

8. Frozen $5.8m

9. Lone Survivor $4.9m

10. That Awkward Moment $3.3m


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