Weekend box office: The Watch and Step Up Revolution struggle while The Dark Knight Rises drops significantly

Weekend Box Office: The Watch struggles

Just a few short weeks ago, Hollywood was speculating how many records THE DARK KNIGHT RISES was going to break at the weekend box office and by how much.  Now, with a slew of negative to neutral reviews (with a ton of positive reviews as well, it should be noted) and the tragedy in Colorado, we’re left wondering why audiences aren’t flocking to the film like they did for its predecessor, THE DARK KNIGHT.  I hate to blame the Colorado tragedy, but with such a huge drop off from its opening weekend box office numbers, it’s hard to ignore.  Or maybe it’s just not the kind of movie people want to see over and over in theaters.  Either way, I think we can all agree the film won’t set any more records.

But there are other movies in theaters this weekend and none of them did very well either.  THE WATCH had its own share of controversy, having to change its title from NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH to simply THE WATCH after the shooting in Florida.  But I think most critics will agree that that incident didn’t impact its performance at the weekend box office, but rather the disappointment was more due to the fact it isn’t a very good film.  The other new movie, STEP UP REVOLUTION (click the title to read our review) didn’t do very well either, maybe signaling the end to the Step Up franchise.  Unless they can get Channing Tatum to come back…

Next week sees the release of the TOTAL RECALL remake, which is completely unnecessary, but admittedly looks kind of fun.  We also get DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS, which marks the third film in the series.  My guess is that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES might make it three in a row, but TOTAL RECALL has a legitimate shot to knock it from the top spot.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. The Dark Knight Rises $65m

2. The Watch $13.3m

3. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift $13.2m

4. Step Up Revolution $11.8m

5. Ted $7.4m

6. The Amazing Spider-Man $7m

7. Brave $3.7m

8. Magic Mike $2.2m

9. Savages $1.5m

10. Madea’s Witness Protection $1.2m


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