Weekend box office: White House Down can't take The Heat

Weekend box office White House Down

Are you tired yet of all the puns revolving around this weekend’s THE HEAT (click the link to read our review)?  Well, I promise that title is the last one I’ll make.  The Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy buddy cop comedy is in a tight battle with last week’s MONSTERS UNIVERSITY for the top spot at the weekend box office and since kids movies typically own Sundays, we can safely assume MONSTERS UNIVERSITY will remain the number one movie in America.  As for the Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx starring WHITE HOUSE DOWN, the film looks like it will match the similarly themed OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, which debuted in March with about $30 million.  The film had the odds stacked against it, opening just three months after Olympus and then a week after WORLD WAR Z, which probably took a lot of its audience.  But $30 million with those odds is pretty impressive and that should only cement Channing Tatum’s status as an A-list, box office star.

Next week sees the release of Disney’s THE LONE RANGER as well as the sequel DESPICABLE ME 2.  I think DESPICABLE ME 2 has an easy line of sight to the top of the box office next weekend and I think THE HEAT will do very well in its second week.  The real question comes with THE LONE RANGER and I tend to undervalue it due to my general disinterest in the film.  America loves Johnny Depp, so it will be interesting to see how well it does.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Monsters University $46.1m

2. The Heat $40m

3. World War Z $29.8m

4. White House Down $25.7m

5. Man of Steel $20.8m

6. This Is The End $8.7m

7. Now You See Me $5.5m

8. Fast and Furious 6 $2.4m

9. Star Trek Into Darkness $2m

10. The Internship $1.4m


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