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What will happen to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart after Twilight: Breaking Dawn?

April 10, 2010 | Written By: Brad Sturdivant

By: Brad Sturdivant

With the insane hype surrounding anything with the Twilight series, I thought it would be fun to go through some of the series’ main stars and review what they’ve done and try and predict where they’re going.  I want to be clear that I’m not a Twilight fan, but am going to attempt to clearly critique each star and the potential each of them possess.  They’re huge now and every pre-teen girl loves them, but after THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE and the two TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN movies, the Twilight gravy train will be dry.  It’s always nice to guess who will be the next Mark Hamill and who will be the next Harrison Ford.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight: Eclipse

So to start things off, we’ll look at the two main stars of the film; Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.  After the Twilight series is over, neither of these stars will have to work again.  They can spend their days watching soap operas and then hit up the Twilight conventions when they need money.  But both of them seem to have a desire to have successful careers, but I’m not sure either will succeed.


Before Twilight: Kristen was really the only Twilight alum to have a career before the series began.  Others had done a movie or two, but she actually had some great performances in a variety of films.  Her debut was in David Fincher’s PANIC ROOM where she played the sickly daughter of Jodie Foster.  It was a great debut and she followed it up with a couple of kids movies and then as the troubled, tomboy in IN THE LAND OF WOMEN.

Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster in Panic Room

After Twilight: She continued to get roles that required her to play the quiet, whiny high-school girl in films like ADVENTURELAND and INTO THE WILD.  She did well in both films, garnering some critical acclaim for each.  But the most exciting non-Twilight role is in the upcoming THE RUNAWAYS where she plays Joan Jett.  Aside from that, she continues to do the same types of roles and that could prove to be her downfall. Obviously, everyone gets old and she’s eventually going to have to stretch her talents to something more than playing a troubled teenager.

Prediction: It’s tough to gauge her acting talent because she’s milked the teenage-angst angle so much over the past five years.  Her role in THE RUNAWAYS didn’t do as much for me as I was hoping and it was basically Bella, but with a butch hair cut.  However, given her non-Twilight success already, I give her an 80% chance of being remembered 5 years after part 2 of BREAKING DAWN.


Before Twilight: Robert had the honor to have a key role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory.  In what might be the weakest of the Potters, Bob Patty was actually the bright spot in the film.

Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

After Twilight: Much like Stewart, Pattinson seems determined to play similar characters that are reserved and pouty.  I was disappointed he chose to do REMEMBER ME and figured he would have chosen a role that could show off his acting chops and not something that cloned his Edward character.

Prediction: Pattinson’s biggest obstacle to making it as an A-list actor is his looks.  I know that sounds strange, but the guy looks like a porcelain doll and I don’t think he’ll be playing any action heroes any time soon.  That leaves serious dramas and love stories, which really limits what he can do.  However, I can see him taking over the romantic comedy genre from Hugh Grant in a few years.  Also, pre-teen girls are a finicky bunch and heartthrobs don’t tend to last very long.  I give him a 40% chance of being relevant 5 years after BREAKING DAWN.

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22 Responses to “What will happen to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart after Twilight: Breaking Dawn?”

  1. katia says:

    Are you KIDDING ME Rob only ’40% chance of being relevant 5 years after BREAKING DAWN’.
    Rob will always be relevant…is making smart choices…I loved Remember Me and his character Tyler as nothing to do with Edward.
    Is now doing Bel Ami wich is a different role and then is doing WFE and UC wich are also different roles and to finish in the end of the year his doing BD.
    Please don’t tell me that you think that he has to do a shity action movie to be relevant…Rob is to much intelegent for those kind of movies, he makes intelegent movies for intelegente people.
    And Kristen too is like Rob she chooses her roles in a very smilar way than Rob.
    If in 5 year Rob and Kristen are not relevant to people is because people have no taste.

  2. Brad says:

    But Tyler and Edward were similar in that tortured-soul kind of way. If Pattinson wants to continue his success, he’s going to have to do something different. It doesn’t have to be an action movie; comedy, suspense, thriller, musical, etc.

    Bel Ami will hopefully show off his charm, but we’ll see.

  3. mimi75 says:

    You got to be kidding??? I am not a pre-teen girl nor that I am an over the hill woman! As long as I am buying tickets, I will dictated who will be on top! Not you Brad! You are obviously too old or way behind what we want… I have not seen “Cedric in The Goblet of Fire” but will go to Blockbuster Express or Redbox & rent it for a buck…I might even buy the movie! I have seen “Little Ashes” & bought the movie. I also seen “Twilight” & “New Moon” & have bought both movies! I also saw “Remember me” & loved it!!! So? Hello??? Anybody there? I like Robert Pattinson, why? Because I just love him & his body of work! That’s why I spend $11 a movie to see him & not you! Because your nobody & your critic won’t make a difference in his success! Voila!

  4. Brad says:

    Yikes!!! That was harsh. No reason for personal insults.

    Look, I love that everyone loves Robert Pattinson. To be honest, I think he’s a pretty charming guy. But we’ve seen actors like him come and go and the best way for them to “make it” long term is to broaden their horizons when it comes to what kind of movies they do.
    The brooding, tortured soul character is working for him right now, but how long is it going to last?

  5. mimi75 says:

    Oh, can’t wait to see “Bel Ami”…To show his “charm” like you said Brad! You said to show is Charm??? This guy has charm! Charm wouldn’t be the first comment I would make about him but,he definitely has load of charm, sex appeal, charisma, talent, I don’t know? Je ne sais quoi? Allo! He’s freaking gorgeous! Hello??? Brad, I have to Google you! Is there a picture of you so I can evaluate your charm? I will give it a shot!

  6. Brad says:

    I got nothing on Bob Patty, but you can find out about me on our contact us page.

  7. mimi75 says:

    Didn’t want to hurt your feeling Brad…but we might see something that your not! I know the Twilight Saga won’t last forever but, this dude has talent! Let’s just hope he picks good movie scripts in the future, I agree with you on that…reaching half way here!??? :-)

  8. mimi75 says:

    Now, I’m watching “Twilight:…it’s your fault Brad! HAAaaaaaa! Wow! Pattinson is playing his own music on the piano right now! Fabulous! What a beautiful music! If his acting career doesn’t fly…music is his next bet! I’ll buy a ticket to see him play guitar but, especially piano…I’m a music aficionado! hum…

  9. mimi75 says:

    O.K. Brad…you have good taste in movies:

    1) Star Wars( Love) 2) Pulp Fiction ( me love) 3) Godfather Part 2 ( I like) 4) Raiders of the Lost Ark 5) Empire of the Sun 6) Shawshank Redemption( Fabulous) 7) Almost Famous (like it too) 8) Die Hard ( I saw them all) 9 Fight Club( that’s really cool) 10) Titanic..I also love Goodwill Hunting & Forrest Gump!. You’re all right Brad! HAAAaaaaaaa!

  10. thundercatmary says:

    I have to say having just seen The Runaways that the character could not be any more different than Bella. Unfortunately a lot of people hold Twilight against Kristen. That said I LOVED The Runaways and thought Kristen was sexy as hell in that movie.

  11. bethany says:

    First off what a great article. It’s so nice to find someone that is not a Twi zombie!. However, I disagree with you the two might be remembered but won’t have any roles. I’m sorry but the two can’t act. I know all these little kids think they can but hopefully they will grow up. I can’t wait til the Twi series is over. I agree with Nathan Lane because you are not suppossed to look at it directly!

  12. bethany says:

    I noticed Katia can’t spell intelligent so I’m not sure her opinion should count at all. She uses the word 4 times and can’t spell it. This lets you know what kind of fans he has.

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  14. Satine8541 says:

    I do believe Robert and Kristen will be remembered in 5 years for their acting. I agree that Robert’s performance in Twilight and especially in New Moon was dismal at best. However, he has the “It” factor and he is growing in his acting abilities. I wish he had taken some acting classes to be ahead of the curve. Remember Me was so much better and his previous movies before Twilight had highlights like “How to Be”, “The Haunted Airman”, and “The Mad Mother’s Handbook”. Kristen was incredible in “Into the Wild” and I hear “Welcome to the Rileys” is also a very good film. I do agree with you they will need to do some expansion and I am afraid I am going to say the “A” word Action movie. Robert Downey Jr and Johnny Depp solidified their incredible careers by performing in Action movies, Ironman and Pirates of the Caribbean. I look forward to both Kristen and Rob’s films careers.

  15. Selene says:


    I won’t talk about Rob Pattison because I don’t know his work well but about Kristen Stewart I thing analyse is wrong.
    First, let me say, I am a Brazilian woman over 40 and I am a movie goers all my life. I am fascinated with all that is involved in the cinematography’s art. I follow the work of some actors, actually actress and Kristen caught my eyes in New Moon, since then I already saw all her work.

    People like me, who don’t have access to indie movies usually, lost track with her and just saw her again thru the Twilight movies but she is a establish actress in the industry and since Panic Room, she was always invited to participate in projects. Of course, she had to have meetings and to do some auditions for most of these parts, to confirm if she was the right person but she was invited not asked, because everyone in the industry who worked with her or saw her acting, indicated her for new works. We are talking about directors, producers and actors who her worked with. People who has voice in the industry as Jodie Foster, David Lynch, Sean Penn, Jon Favreau, Greg Mottola, Emile Hirsch, Diane Lane, William Hunt, Mellisa Leo, Ryan Reynolds , Wyck Godfrey and Art Linson, to say some.
    Of course, most of her work was as a teen, because until April 9, she was a teenager but she already did drama, action, adventure/comedy, romance. Already did a person who was raped and had to express all her feeling thru her facial express in Speak, did a scary person in Messenger, did a person with disability in The Cake Eaters, a rock singer in The Runaways, a stripper in Welcome to the Riles and a manic depressive person in the Twilight movies.
    All her movies were signed before the Twilight phenomenon. It was not her Twilight star that brought these projects.

    In 8 years she did 20 movies without stop!

    She was choose as the lead actor in the Twilight series exactly because range of experience and quality of work or you think they would choose some Disney doll to the Bella’s part who is almost in all scenes with a bunch of dialogs?

    I did not see Twilight before New Moon. I went to see New Moon because all the buzz and saw her. I felt she outstanding with a superior acting skill then her partner and I felt that the script was poor and cutting edition was poor because I felt her deep emotion but could not understand why it was happen with that intensity. After I saw Twilight and read the books to understand better the story and Bella’s character. I came to a conclusion… Kristen is doing an outstanding job based in the books and who critics her acting in the series or is aliened (twilight hard teenagers fans) who see Bella in a personal way or is a movie’s critic who didn’t understand that there is a problem in the translation of the books to the movies and it is not the acting the bad guy. Bella in the books is exactly like Kristen’s Bella just more silly and fragile, she almost faints every time she is beside Eduard and Kristen did want do a Bella like this and the author Stephenie Meyer.

    If Kristen Stewart do not go crazy with all this “beatlemania”, gossips and paparazzi, she will be sitting beside the greatests in the future in the award’s ceremonies.

    She don’t have to prove that she is a establish actor who did a franchise movie as Keira Knightley after Pirates of Carabbian or Natalie Portman after Star Wars or Kirsten Dunst after Spider-Man.

  16. Selene says:

    A correction in the post above.

    Where you read:

    “Bella in the books is exactly like Kristen’s Bella just more silly and fragile, she almost faints every time she is beside Eduard and Kristen did want do a Bella like this and the author Stephenie Meyer.”

    please read:

    “Bella in the books is exactly like Kristen’s Bella just more silly and fragile, she almost faints every time she is beside Eduard and Kristen did NOT want do a Bella like this and the author Stephenie Meyer AGREED WITH HER VERSION OF BELLA.”

  17. CarvedKid says:

    Kristen as Joan Jett was Bella with a butch haircut??? Are you kidding me? That has to be one of the dumbest comments ever! Makes me think that you’re not even qualified to discuss acting, Brad, let alone being the judge of someone’s talent. As for Kristen’s other films, have you ever seen Speak, The Cake Eaters or The Yellow Handkerchief? Kristen was downright excellent in those, just like she apparently was in the upcoming Welcome to the Rileys for which she received very positive reviews when it premiered at The Sundance Film Festival.

  18. Brad says:

    @CarvedKid – Sorry, I can’t defend Kristen in The Runaways (read my review). I was always a fan of Joan Jett and she didn’t add anything to the character. In fact, I thought she went out of her way to not add anything.
    But you’re right in that she has the largest body of work, which is why I give her the greatest chance of making it. But she has got to do something challenging and avoid the “troubled teen” stigma she has.

  19. beckysharp says:

    Kristen Stewart may have done a lot of movies, but she lacks screen presence and the ability to make the viewer forget who she is. Her mannerisms and tics are so strong that I don’t get any sense that she’s ever acting, and she doesn’t hold my attention on the screen. Her role in The Runaways was imitation, not acting. It’s easy to bring a real person to life, but a good actor can bring a character written on the page alive and I don’t ever see that from Kristen. However, in spite of that inadequacy, I think she’ll have a long career simply because people in the industry seem to love her. It’s a mystery to me. Robert Pattinson has HUGE screen presence but I think the industry is so biased against him that I don’t know if his career will last. I also do not think that his role in Remember Me was evocative of the dreary, tortured Edward Cullen. His other films, done before Twilight, show that he does have a range, but I think Hollywood wants to box him into the same role and I hope he resists.

  20. maikenjacobsen says:

    Are you kidding med, kristen is not the only one who had been in more than 2 movies.

    Nikki Reed, have you forgot her ? or do you just don’t know anything about her..
    before twilight the have made a lots of movie and tv-shows, let me tell you:
    Chain Letter 2008
    Privileged 2008
    Familiar Strangers 2008
    Reaper (TV) 2007
    Justice (TV) 2006
    Cherry Crush 2006
    Mini’s First Time 2006
    The O.C. (TV) 2006
    American Gun 2005
    Lords of Dogtown 2005
    Man of God 2005
    Thirteen 2003

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