Whoa! Joey Lawrence and Wesley Snipes team up for Havana Heat

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

For those of us that watched ‘Blossom’ back in the day, the only thing Joey Lawrence will ever be known for is saying “Whoa!” over and over.  It’s a shame because the guy has worked hard to change his look and seems to actually have a decent screen presence.  Well, he’ll get his shot by starring with Wesley Snipes in the action mystery HAVANA HEAT.  The film is set in Cuba (obviously) and revolves around the murder of a Homeland Security agent and his involvement with Guantanamo Bay.  The film also stars Nicholas Brown, Raul Julia Jr., Heath Herring, Zulay Henao and Lorena Rincoin.

I can’t imagine this will have a theatrical release and I normally avoid B-movies like the plague, but I’m intrigued to see Joey Lawrence in something other than a family sitcom.  I wonder if he’s going to give all of his brothers a cameo.

Joey Lawrence

Source: Variety

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