Wilfred season 2 Blu-ray Review

The second season of FX’s ‘Wilfred’ picks up right where the first season left off, featuring Wilfred, our favorite man-dog since Barf, and the is-he or isn’t-he crazy Ryan.  For those new to the series, Ryan is a stressed out lawyer with all sorts of issues that sees a grown man in a dog suit where others see a regular dog.  The show still isn’t as laugh out loud hilarious as it should be, but it’s still a creative and humorous show that’s better than most network sitcoms.  In fact, the worst thing about ‘Wilfred’ isn’t anything we see on a regular basis, but rather the impending problems the show is going to face.

Wilfred season 2

The first season got a little too dark at times.  The contrasting themes of ‘Wilfred’ sometimes get in the way of the show and when the focus turns to Ryan’s mental issues, it gets a little too serious.  Thankfully, the first eight episodes of the second season did a good job of keeping things lighthearted.  The dog-human gags really work in the show and they balance the line between making you laugh and making it silly extremely well.  For the most part, Wilfred is much more than a dog, but he still has dog tendencies (he catches with his mouth, he has to have his hand on top, etc.) so I always found myself laughing when the show combines a normal conversation with Wilfred reverting to a natural dog behavior.

Wilfred season 2

I enjoy the show and thought the second season was definitely funnier than the first, but the single biggest problem facing the show is that it has nowhere to go.  It’s clear the showrunners can see this as well and so in the second season, they attempted to add in a stronger supporting cast.  TV veterans Rob Riggle and Allison Mack are added as Ryan’s coworkers, but they never caught on or found their groove.  The show keeps going back to the relationship between Ryan and Wilfred and the show struggles when it gets away from that.  The second season really needed a better storyline than Ryan dating a crazy girl or dealing with a stressed out boss.  It’s a double edged sword because the show desperately needs more supporting characters, but you still need to have them interact with Wilfred somehow.

Wilfred season 2

So with that in mind, I have no idea what they’re going to do next.  Ryan is just too bland of a character to sustain any amount of screen time on his own and Wilfred’s dog jokes are only going to take you so far.  But if you cut them out, the show falls flat and Wilfred becomes more obnoxious than likeable.  It’s a tough situation for the showrunners, but what they have to do is establish a decent character to take some of the load away from Ryan and Wilfred.  But remember; we’re only 26 episodes and 2 seasons into this, so they still have time.  In the meantime, the second season provides enough laughs to make it worth the time investment.


Video:  ‘Wilfred’ looks pretty great on Blu-ray.

Audio: The audio is equally impressive.

Deleted Scenes (3:05): We get a few decent deleted scenes, but nothing that will change your opinion of an episode.

Blooper Reel (4:40): The cast laughs uncontrollably.  Four minutes was a long time for a blooper reel like this.

Stay (3:42): Wilfred learns the “stay” command, which was a funny mini-episode that explains a scene in the series.

News at Noon with Jenna (1:02): The full version of Jenna’s squishy-boob.

Wilfred/Ryan Mashup (:51): Wilfred and Ryan repeat each other’s names to surprisingly funny effect.


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