Will Ferrell to star in Everything Must Go

Posted by: Sturdy

Will Ferrell has a ton of fans out there that eat up his dumb-guy comedy routine.  I’ll admit that I like some of his films, but lately he’s had a string of ho-hum comedies and his schtick is getting a little old.  In a departure from his recent fare, Will Ferrell has signed on to star in the low-budget, indie film, EVERYTHING MUST GO.

However, keeping with Ferrell’s trend, the premise is extremely simple; Ferrell will play a man whose wife just locked him out of the house and tossed his belongings out on the front lawn.  So Ferrell spends the next few days trying to sell everything he has.  I’m not sure how that’s a feature length film, but if they found a way to make STEP BROTHERS 90 minutes, I’m sure they can do the same with this.

will ferrell

Source: Variety

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