Will Harrison Ford take part in the next Blade Runner film?

Posted by: Zack Bruce

To the surprise of no one, it was announced some time ago that BLADE RUNNER would get a prequel and sequel of some kind from Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment. The good part is that they don’t want to retreat on the 1982 classic sci-fi film starring Harrison Ford and directed by Ridley Scott.

The Alcon group all were pretty straight forward when it came to talking about doing more BLADE RUNNER films. They didn’t want to micromanage and wanted to further explore that world creatively the right way. The team wouldn’t settle on just any story only something they really believed in. The inspiration for making the next batch of films came from their experience working with Christopher Nolan on 2002s INSOMNIA, or to be more exact the approach the director took with the BATMAN series. Alcon’s creative team know that this idea may or may not get off the ground but they are still working on it.

It’s been some time since anyone really spoke on the subject until MTV spoke with Harrison Ford during a press junket for COWBOYS & ALIENS. They asked the actor if he would be involved in some capacity, which he answered on the verge of getting annoyed, “I have no idea at this point. It’s very early on. I know some of the people involved. It’s a long way from fruition.”

Harrison Ford Cowboys and Aliens

Source: MTV

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