This will be legendary; Neil Patrick Harris set to host the Oscars

Hosting the Oscars is a tough gig.  You have a room full of people that are just begging to get made fun of, but you can’t really slam them because they’re so sensitive.  True, that usually doesn’t stop the hosts, but it does usually muzzle them, which means guys like Ricky Gervais would never get the gig.  A lot of the hosts’ success isn’t even in their hands.  Hosts tend to get blamed for long broadcasts, but I’m betting if you asked every Oscar host, they’d argue to cut the President’s speech and several of the musical numbers.  So really what you need is someone that can give a great opening musical number, tell a few jokes and not anger everyone in the room.  Oh, and he needs to be likeable.  And in walks Neil Patrick Harris.

After Ellen’s forgettable turn last year and Seth MacFarlane’s horrible turn two years ago, they’re finally going with the guy everyone wanted in the first place.  Neil Patrick Harris will handle hosting duties, which should be right in his wheelhouse after hosting the Tony awards and the Emmy’s twice, not to mention his opening number at the 2010 Oscar ceremony (where he made a joke about not getting asked to host).  That, and he appeals to such a wide audience after his turn on ‘How I Met Your Mother’, not to mention his turn in this year’s Oscar contender GONE GIRL.  Overall, this is great news for fans of the Oscar telecast.  And hopefully this will help us forget that HIMYM finale. (Variety)

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