Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are made up of letters on these teasers posters for Men in Black 3

Posted by: Zack Bruce

I nearly forgot that a third installment of the MEN IN BLACK franchise was coming to theaters. I think after watching MEN IN BLACK 2, people would just like to remember the original as it was before it became too ridiculous. MEN IN BLACK 3 sounds a little crazy already. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are reprising their roles but there’s a plot involving time travel and what not.

There’s been set photos which really gave nothing and other than that there’s been a serious lack of marketing. However it seems that two teaser posters from the film have surfaced. In between the layers of MIB3, you see a collage that makes the faces of each of the leads. If you look at the bottom of the posters, there’s a website: themeninblacksuitsarereal.com. This will lead you to a Facebook page that so far only reads: “I’ve uncovered that there’s these Men in Black suits who monitor and police alien activity on earth. Up until now no one believes me, so I’m on a mission to prove that they’re real and that’s why I started this Facebook page. More soon.” Very interesting.

Men in Black 3

Men In Black 3

Source: Collider, First Showing

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