Will Smith lines up the wicky-wicky wild Wild Bunch

Will Smith

Will Smith isn’t quite the name he used to be, but I personally would never bet against the guy.  He has the resume and success that until he releases a few bombs, we should go ahead and assume he can still pack the seats.  But Big Willy’s problem isn’t that he’s releasing bad movies, it’s that he’s not releasing movies at all.  MEN IN BLACK III came out last year, but before that, we have to go back to 2008’s SEVEN POUNDS.  He has AFTER EARTH coming later this year, but since he’s taking a back seat, that’s really his attempt to make his son Jaden Smith a superstar.

But Will Smith does have some promising movies on the horizon.  He has a smaller role in the fantasy WINTER’S TALE, the drama AN AMERICAN CAN and just recently signed on for FOCUS after Ben Affleck dropped out.  He also has the long rumored sequels to some of his more famous films, including I ROBOT 2, HANCOCK 2, BAD BOYS III and even MEN IN BLACK 3.  I’m not sure anyone actually wants sequels to any of those films, but with Will Smith involved, I’m sure people will come out in droves to see them.

Now you can add a remake of the 1969 film THE WILD BUNCH to the list of projects Will Smith has coming up.  But this won’t be a Western.  Instead, this will be a modern day retelling and Will Smith is slated to star in the lead role as a DEA agent putting together a team to knock off a Mexican drug cartel.  Originally, this was being set up as a vehicle for Tony Scott to direct and had a screenplay written by Brian Helgeland.  But it’s believed Helgeland never finished the script and Tony Scott passed away in August of last year, so I presume they’ll have to find a new creative team now that Will Smith is on board.  This is in the early stages and they clearly still have a lot of work to do, so no start date has been announced. (TheWrap)

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