Will Smith and Shawn Levy are set for City That Sailed

Will Smith

In the history of Hollywood, there aren’t many stars bigger than Will Smith.  But going too long between films and then returning with AFTER EARTH isn’t the best way to keep that shining star lit.  But Big Willy isn’t going anywhere and all he needs are a couple of giant summer blockbusters to remind everyone of a time when he ruled the box office.  Next up for Will Smith is the action adventure CITY THAT SAILED.  The film is about a father and daughter living in Manhattan as the city breaks lose and floats across the Atlantic Ocean.  As long as that daughter isn’t played by Willow and the story isn’t a giant metaphor for her overcoming her father’s shadow, I’m okay with it.

Shawn Levy has signed on to direct the film.  Levy is best known for comedies like THE INTERNSHIP and CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, but did do the action film REAL STEEL and the action comedies NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM and DATE NIGHT.  But if I’m being honest, Shawn Levy doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.  But I’m guessing 20th Century Fox is hoping Will Smith headlining is enough.  And I’m curious if this film was part of the negotiations for INDEPENDENCE DAY 2.  Either way, this one should get underway soon. (Deadline)

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