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The gripping portrait of THE GREEN PRINCE recounts the true story of the son of a Hamas leader who emerged as one of Israel’s prized informants, and the Israeli agent who risked his life and career to protect him. Set against the chaotic backdrop of recent events in the Middle East and served up in the style of a spy thriller by writer/director Nadav Schirman, THE GREEN PRINCE is a unique chronicle on the dangerous and unprecedented partnership that developed between sworn enemies.

The Green Prince DVD

Growing up in Palestine as the son of a founder and leader of the Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef’s fervor against Israel was unquestionable, ultimately landing him in an Israeli prison. As the gruesome brutality heightened within the prison’s walls, Mosab had an unexpected change of heart and began to see Hamas as more of a problem than a solution. Recruited by the Shin Bet (Israel’s internal security agency) and given the code name “Green Prince,” Mosab spied on the Hamas elite for more than a decade from 1997 to 2007, risking exposure and certain death while grappling with the perception that he had betrayed his own family and people. Along the way, what started as a cautious alliance between Mosab and his Shin Bet handler Gonen Ben Yitzhak grew into an enduring loyalty that no one could’ve ever predicted.

Through exclusive first-hand testimony, dramatic action sequences and rare archival footage, decades of secrets come to light in THE GREEN PRINCE, unveiling a world of terror, betrayal, and impossible choices.

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