Winona Ryder and James Franco star in The Letter trailer

Winona Ryder in The Letter trailer

It seems like it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen Academy Award nominee Winona Ryder in a lead role, but it looks like she’s in just that position in director Jay Anania’s upcoming thriller THE LETTER. This film fell under my radar and quite I honestly I can see why after watching the trailer. From this one minute thirty second portion of the film THE LETTER appears to try too hard to be creepy and all the acting seems a little amateur considering it stars not only Winona Ryder but another Academy Award nominee in James Franco.

THE LETTER follows a playwright named Martine (Winona Ryder) is appears to be losing grip on reality as she can’t decide if she’s really at the center of a manipulative plot or just going a little crazy. THE LETTER stars: Winona Ryder, James Franco, Dagmara Dominczyk, Josh Hamilton and Marin Ireland. THE LETTER will be debuting on VOD so keep an eye out if you’re interested, in the meantime check out the trailer below.

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