Winona Ryder to join Michael Shannon and Chris Evans for The Iceman

Posted by: Zack Bruce

You don’t see 90s darling Winona Ryder in many films these days. If you do then you must watch a good amount of indie films. The last big budget film Ryder starred in was THE DILEMMA. I didn’t see that but did see BLACK SWAN. Then before that it was STAR TREK in which she played Spock’s mom, which was weird to see.

In her next indie bout, Ryder does not have to play a mom. Instead, she will take on the role of a killer’s wife in THE ICEMAN. The film is adapted from Anthony Bruno book about Richard Kuklinski, a family man who secretly carried out contract killings for the mob. Michael Shannon plays the Iceman aka Kuklinski with Chris Evans playing his mentor, Robert Pronge. Ryder will be Kuklinski’s wife Deborah, who is unaware of her husband’s dealings.

Winona Ryder

Source: Deadline

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