Wrath of the Titans starring Liam Neeson and Sam Worthington coming to Blu-ray in June

Warner Home Entertainment has announced that the sequel to CLASH OF THE TITANS, entitled WRATH OF THE TITANS will be making its way to Blu-ray June 26, 2012. If that seems soon, you wouldn’t be incorrect. WRATH OF THE TITANS was released in theaters on March 30th and obviously came and went with little to no fanfare. It’s not terribly surprising since the first film was a flop, but it’s always sad to see a film that required a lot of money do so poorly. Especially when it has Liam Neeson attached.

WRATH OF THE TITANS will again follow demi-god Perseus (Sam Worthington) who is on a quest to save his father Zeus (Liam Neeson) from the god of war Ares (Edgar Ramirez) and god of the underworld Hades (Ralph Fiennes). WRATH OF THE TITANS was directed by Jonathan Liebesman and also starred: Rosamund Pike, Bill Nighy, Toby Kebbell and Danny Huston.

Wrath of the Titans BD

WRATH OF THE TITANS will be available in two versions, the first will be a Blu-ray/DVD/UltraViolet Digital Copy combo pack and the other will be a Blu-ray3D/Blu-ray/DVD/UltraViolet Digital Copy combo pack. WRATH OF THE TITANS will also have a list of special features that include:

  • Two Maximum Movie Modes: The Path of Men or The Path of Gods
  • Individual Maximum Movie Mode featurettes (can be viewed separately): – The Path of Men:
  • Demon of the Underworld: Battling the Chimera
  • Agenor: The Other Demi-God
  • The Cyclops Fight
  • Prison of the Titans
  • Minotaur: The Human Nightmare
  • The Heavens Raise Hell on Earth

The Path of Gods:

  • Who Are The Titans?
  • Hephaestus: God of Fire
  • Gods Gone Mad
  • Lost in Tartarus’ Labyrinth
  • Creatures of the Titans
  • Deleted scenes: – “Perseus Owes Helius an Explanation”
    – “Perseus Addresses the Troops”
    – “Zeus Is Led Past Missing Olympians”

Check out the trailer for WRATH OF THE TITANS below.

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