Zac Efron and Halle Berry may join Sarah Jessica Parker for New Year's Eve

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Garry Marshall’s upcoming film NEW YEAR’S EVE is starting to pull in some more heavy Hollywood hitters with the addition of Sarah Jessica Parker (SEX AND THE CITY) and two more potential cast members in Halle Berry (FRANKIE AND ALICE) and Zac Efron.  Marshall already has quite a cast lined up with stars that include: Robert De Niro, Lea Michelle, Abigail Breslin, Hilary Swank, Jessica Biel and Ashton Kutcher. The film follows a similar intertwined plot like this year’s VALENTINE’S DAY where a group of people make their way through personal drama and triumph on New Year’s Eve in New York City.  Originally the film was to begin filming this month, but has recently been pushed back to begin in February-most likely because casting is still taking place.

I enjoyed the cute, simplicity of VALENTINE’S DAY and am looking forward to NEW YEAR’S EVE as well, no one can do romantic comedies like Garry Marshall.

Halle Berry and Zac Efron

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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