Zac Efron is set to ask Are We Officially Dating

Zac Efron

It seemed like Zac Efron had disappeared for a while in 2010 and 2011, only to come back strong with a string of heavy-hearted films, most recently starring in the Nicolas Sparks adaptation THE LUCKY ONE.  Then he’ll get peed on (which should be concerning when that’s the only thing people remember from the film) in THE PAPERBOY and drive a race car in AT ANY PRICE.  Perhaps needing to take a break from some of the more dramatic films he’s been doing lately, Zac Efron is set to mix things up with the romantic comedy ARE WE OFFICIALLY DATING.

Right now, Zac Efron is the only actor attached to the film which will follow three guys in New York City who make a vow to stay single forever and then struggle as they all start to fall in love.  The script was written by Tom Gormican and as of right now, doesn’t have a director attached.  But production is already set to start this fall and since they still need more actors and a director, the producers still have lot of work to do. (Deadline)

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