Zac Efron adds Narc to his list of upcoming projects

Zac Efron

For a guy that really hasn’t established himself as a true box office draw, Zac Efron sure does have a lot of projects lined up.  Among them, the thriller AUTOBAHN with Amber Heard, the supernatural thriller THE FALLING, the JFK assassination project PARKLAND, the romantic comedy ARE WE OFFICIALLY DATING, the comedy TOWNIES and the thriller YOU BELONG TO ME.  Not to mention the upcoming AT ANY PRICE with Dennis Quaid.  So yeah, the guy is busy.  Now you can add the “college Donnie Brasco” project, NARC to the list.

NARC (not to be confused with the 2002 drama starring Ray Liotta) will center around a successful college kid who’s living the good life as his frat president, lacrosse team captain and A-student that gets caught with drugs on his way to a college party.  Instead of giving up his good life, he turns narc and helps the cops with drug busts across the country.  Obviously, this project still needs a director, costars and a final script among other things, so this one is probably a year or two away, depending on how Zac Efron’s schedule plays out. (Deadline)

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