Zachary Quinto joins Chris Evans and Anna Faris in What's Your Number

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

We already knew that Anna Faris and Captain America himself were going to be doing the comedy WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER and now we get some news as to who will be playing some of Anna Faris’s ex-boyfriends.  The film, as you recall, is about a woman that makes a commitment to herself to only sleep with 20 men before she finds Mr. Right.  After a drunken night out, she realizes she’s hit her magic number and decides to go back through her ex-boyfriends to see if she missed him.  Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto and SNL’s Andy Samberg are in talks to play two of the ex-boyfriends while Chris Evans will play her womanizing neighbor.  The film is based off the book by Karyn Bosnak (’20 Times a Lady’) and is directed by Mark Mylod.

I still like the idea of the story and now it’s looking better as they’re getting some actors together to parade through as her ex-boyfriends.  There’s really no end to the possibilities they have with her ex-boyfriends.  The film is expected to start shooting this summer and hopefully wrap before Evans has to don the red, white and blue jump-suit.

zachary quinto

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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