Zachary Quinto will play George Gershwin in biopic, Steven Spielberg looking to direct

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

The pointy-eared alien and ‘Heroes’ villain himself, Zachary Quinto has landed the challenging gig of playing famed composer George Gershwin in an upcoming biopic.  Interesting enough, a picture like that could be a small, independent film that no one really sees, or it could be a huge, Oscar-caliber success.  That really depends on the decision of Mr. Steven Spielberg.  The Bearded One is considering directing the picture, along with a couple of other films in development at Dreamworks.

Gershwin was one of the best composers of all time, mainly because of how much he accomplished across a broad spectrum, all before his young death at 38.  Given the fact the film probably doesn’t have any explosions or violent stunts, I would think Spielberg could direct this one pretty quickly and turn around and do another blockbuster.  That seems to be his MO and after TINTIN, I’m sure he’ll be looking for a simpler film.

Zachary Quinto

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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