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The Divergent Series: Allegiant 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

June 30, 2016
Brad Sturdivant

For those of us that were alive in the 80’s or earlier, we’re used to getting attached to a series or franchise and then never seeing it again.  That was before studios took [...] READ MORE

Sully Trailer

Tom Hanks stars in the first trailer for Clint Eastwood’s Sully

June 30, 2016
Brad Sturdivant

I’m not nearly as big a fan of Clint Eastwood the director as a lot of critics, especially lately, but I do believe if given the right script and the right cast, he can do great things.  [...] READ MORE

Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson in Zoolander 2

Zoolander 2 Blu-ray Review

June 29, 2016
Jeremy Werner

Have you ever been excited for something and no matter what you’ve heard, you still wanted to give it a try? This happens a lot with movies. If you’re excited enough, you’re ready to ignore the [...] READ MORE

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Win a Blu-ray of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, starring Tina Fey

June 28, 2016
Brad Sturdivant and Paramount Home Entertainment are proud to offer you a chance to win a Blu-ray of WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT. Based on real-life reporter Kim Barker’s revealing and funny memoir about [...] READ MORE

Mojin: The Lost Legend

Mojin: The Lost Legend Blu-ray Review

June 28, 2016
Jeremy Werner

During my viewing of MOJIN: THE LOST LEGEND, I was conversing with a friend about all the movies I have to watch. It’s not that MOJIN was boring. It’s just that I was multi-task while sitting in [...] READ MORE

Wim Wenders: The Road Trilogy

Wim Wenders: The Road Trilogy Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review

June 27, 2016
Mathew Plale

ALICE IN THE CITIES (1974) Photojournalist Phil Winter (Rüdiger Vogler, who previously worked with director Wim Wenders on 1972’s THE GOAL KEEPER’S FEAR OF THE PENALTY and 1973’s THE SCARLET [...] READ MORE

The X-Files Event Series

The X-Files Event Series Blu-ray Review

June 26, 2016
Brad Sturdivant

The X-Files Event Series is a perfect, 6 episode embodiment of every frustration I’ve ever had with the series.  I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s actually true.  Everything you’ve ever liked [...] READ MORE

Weekend box office Independence Day Resurgence

Weekend box office: Independence Day can’t beat Finding Dory

June 26, 2016
Brad Sturdivant

Many people wondered whether or not a sequel to disaster film 20 years later could succeed at the weekend box office and it looks like we got our answer.  Although to be fair, the original [...] READ MORE

The Martian Extended Edition

The Martian Extended Edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

June 25, 2016
Brad Sturdivant

Normally, this is the part where we give you a review of the actual film, but since we’ve reviewed it twice already (click the links to read the first 4K Ultra HD review as well as the Blu-ray [...] READ MORE

Matthew McConaughey in Free State of Jones

Free State of Jones Movie Review

June 24, 2016
Nathan Swank

Sometimes it’s difficult to accurately express criticism of a historic film without sounding insensitive to the people or time.  FREE STATE OF JONES is an interesting film following a time of [...] READ MORE

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