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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 4K Ultra HD

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

November 21, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

Now that the Harry Potter series is over, I think most people look back at HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN as being the best film in the series.  Although I would agree with that, I [...] READ MORE

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 4K Ultra HD

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

November 20, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

Although the first few films in the Harry Potter series put young kids in peril, it always felt as if that danger was at an arm’s distance.  Yes, the big bad Voldemort was evil and tried to [...] READ MORE

Weekend box office Justice League

Weekend box office: Justice League struggles to hit $100 million

November 19, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

There’s a singular moment when virtually everyone knew that JUSTICE LEAGUE (click the link to read our review) was going to be a failure.  That moment came when the dust had settled on [...] READ MORE

Westworld 4K Ultra HD

Westworld: Season One 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

November 17, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

You’d have to go back to the season premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’ to find a debut of an HBO show that had an equal cultural impact and was as well received as the first season [...] READ MORE

Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Izabela Vidovic in Wonder

Wonder Movie Review

November 17, 2017
Nathan Swank

Sometimes a film takes you by complete surprise and moves you in a way that you were never expecting.  Those who have read the New York Times bestseller ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio and are anxiously [...] READ MORE

Wind River

Wind River Blu-ray Review

November 16, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

After SICARIO and HELL OR HIGH WATER, we already knew that Taylor Sheridan the writer was very talented.  But with WIND RIVER, he proves that not only does he have a way with scripts, he also [...] READ MORE

Justice League

Justice League Movie Review

November 15, 2017
Jeremy Werner

Shortly after SUICIDE SQUAD, fans of the DC cinematic universe began to temper their expectations. Those expectations led to the explosion of WONDER WOMAN, which was a legitimately decent movie, [...] READ MORE

The Wizard of Lies

The Wizard of Lies Blu-ray Review

November 13, 2017
Jeremy Werner

“Am I a sociopath?” Those are the final words uttered by Bernie Madoff (De Niro) in THE WIZARD OF LIES. It comes after an over two-hour crash course history lesson in one of the greatest Ponzi [...] READ MORE

Weekend box office Daddys Home 2

Weekend box office: Daddy’s Home 2 and Murder on the Orient Express battle for 2nd place

November 12, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

I had to look up how much DADDY’S HOME made on it’s opening weekend and I was surprised to see it pulled in $38 million.  So learning that DADDY’S HOME 2 is on track to pull in [...] READ MORE

Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler in The House

The House Blu-ray Review

November 11, 2017
Eric Sloss

THE HOUSE is as generic and listless as its title. The talents of many comedy pros are wasted in this film. There is so much potential here that goes untapped that it feels like a missed [...] READ MORE

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