Bill Paxton: 1955 – 2017

Actor Bill Paxton passed away today at the age of 61 after suffering complications from surgery.  No other details are known at this point as far as what kind of surgery he was undergoing or what other health problems he had.  Hollywood is still reeling from the loss of one of the most recognizable character actors in the world.  And even calling him a character actor is a little dismissive of what he was since he kind of teetered the line between supporting actor and leading man.  Even though he didn’t lead very many films, he always managed to make every film he was in a little better.  And although I’ve already read grand proclamations of what a great actor he was (from sites that spent the last ten years criticizing his acting), I’m not going to profess he was a great actor.  He carved out a niche for himself and played the relateable everyman very well.

Personally, I will always associate him with the movie TWISTER, which I still enjoy to this day, even though it’s clearly a bad film.  But again, Bill Paxton made it fun and he will be missed.  Paxton also starred in films such as TOMBSTONE, APOLLO 13, CLUB DREAD, ALIENS and the HBO TV show Big Love.

Source: THR


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