Brad Pitt and Matt Damon Together Again With Happy Feet 2

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Do you think director George Miller is going around Hollywood, trying to convince A-listers that if they do some voice work in his animated sequel that they’ll be doing good for the environment?  Because that’s the only way I could see Matt Damon and Brad Pitt agreeing to do a film like HAPPY FEET 2.  When we brought you news of the sequel, I really felt like this was just going to be a quick money-making sequel to cash in from the success of the first one.  But with legitimate stars lining up for voice work, it might be decent.  However, I felt the first one was one of the worst animated films in recent years, despite the praise heaped upon it.  In my book, it takes more than a good, environmental message to make a quality animated film.

Pitt and Damon join Elijah Wood and Robin Williams, who are returning for the sequel.

Brad Pitt and Matt Damon reteaming for Happy Feet 2

Source: Movieline

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