Clint Eastwood wants Leonardo DiCaprio to join Beyonce in A Star is Born

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

It seems every time Leonardo DiCaprio works with a director, that director immediately wants to cast him in every movie they make from that point forward (just ask Martin Scorsese), so it’s no surprise that Clint Eastwood is currently doing his best to get Leo to sign on for his remake of A STAR IS BORN.  The two are currently filming J. EDGAR and supposedly, Eastwood has been spending his spare time trying to get Leo to play the washed up rock ‘n roll star that will mentor the younger, naïve singer seeking stardom.  Beyonce has been attached to the project for quite some time now and the film has been in the works for many years.

Of course, we’ve already seen a few incarnations of A STAR IS BORN, ranging from the popular 1954 version starring Judy Garland to the horribly misguided 1976 remake starring Barbara Streisand.  But those are just the films that were actually called A STAR IS BORN.  We’ve seen the “young girl seeking fame in the big city” storyline dozens of times over the years, most recently with BURLESQUE.

As for Leonardo DiCaprio starring in a musical like this, I think it could work.  I’m always excited to see A-list actors stretch their range and if Tom Cruise can headline a musical, I’m sure Leo can stand by and let Beyonce belt out a few tunes.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Source: Deadline

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