Colin Farrell and Eric Bana are looking into By Virtue Fall

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Colin Farrell and Eric Bana are currently in talks to star together in BY VIRTUE FALL. The independent drama will be written and directed by Sheldon Turner. Although this will be his first directing gig, he did receive an Oscar nomination for co-writing UP IN THE AIR with Jason Reitman. Supposedly the only reason the two actors have yet to commit is because their bottom line has not been reached by Nicolas Chartier’s Voltage Pictures who are financing and producing the film with Jennifer Klein and Turner.

The film will follow the two characters personal and professional relationship from friends to enemies through betrayal and retribution. I say if you think the material is good, pay the actors so you can get butts in the seats. I think these two actors would make for a fairly balanced dramatic battle.


Source: Deadline

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