Emma Stone to star in Crimson Peak for Guillermo Del Toro

Emma Stone

Is there some unwritten rule that every up and coming Hollywood starlet has to do a bad horror movie before they can officially ascend to A-list status?  I can’t think of an actress that hasn’t dabbled in the genre and now we can add the lovely Emma Stone to that list as well.  But to Emma Stone’s credit, she’s being smart about it and is teaming up with the great Guillermo Del Toro in CRIMSON PEAK.  Del Toto hasn’t given any specifics, but says it’s a haunted house story.  In a recent interview, he talked about the project:

“It’s set at the turn of the century and it is a gothic romance with ghosts. When I use the GR term I use it not in the Barbara Cartland model but rather in a Bronte fashion. Dark and stormy and wind-swept,” he wrote on his official forums. “This is my first foray into horror since Sci-Fi/Horror ‘Mimic.’ DBB was more of an essay on ghosts than a ghost story and, except as a producer, I have not returned to scary stuff in a long time.”

I would normally trust Guillermo Del Toro, but something about a haunted house movie with Emma Stone just doesn’t exactly sound like it’s going to change the horror genre.  But Del Toro is a fantastic director and Emma Stone is one of our favorite actresses, so it will be interesting to see what happens with this.  No word yet on when this will start shooting.  (Variety)

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