Jake Gyllenhaal replaces Dominic Cooper in Motor City

jake gyllenhaal

So here’s a debate for you; is Jake Gyllenhaal an upgrade or a downgrade over Dominic Cooper?  I can see arguments for both, but Cooper has had some really strong performances lately, so I might lean towards the side that’s disappointed he won’t be starring in Albert Hughes’ MOTOR CITY.  The film is about an ex-con that goes on a revenge-seeking rampage trying to find the people that set him up and put him in prison.  The previously announced Amber Heard and Gary Oldman remain attached to the film, with Heard playing the girl he’s trying to win back and Oldman playing the film’s villain.

As for Cooper, the word on his departure is that he had to leave due to scheduling conflicts, which is almost always the reason for these types of scheduling changes.  Filming on MOTOR CITY is scheduled to start soon.

Source: Variety

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

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