Mary Elizabeth Winstead probably won't be in the next installment of Die Hard

Posted by: Zack Bruce

We haven’t seen much of Mary Elizabeth Winstead since SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD. But soon enough that will all change. If you’ve turned your television on at all lately then you probably have seen a trailer for the prequel of THE THING. Winstead gets to try out her best female Kurt Russell.

Then after that we will see her in ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER as Mary Lincoln Todd. There’s also another project coming up that could possibly feature Winstead and that’s DIE HARD 5. However, she doesn’t think that John McClane’s daughter will show up for this installment. When asked about it, the actress sweetly answered, “I’m assuming I will not be [in that] because I have not heard anything,” Winstead laughs. “But it’s cool, all the updates and everything. I’m excited to see what happens with it.”

Winstead is excited for another project, SMASHED with BREAKING BAD’s Aaron Paul. She stated that this is a project she really had to go after and said she would continue to pursue more films like it.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead


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