Steven Spielberg starts brainstorming the next Jurassic Park with screenwriter Mark Protosevich

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Yesterday after a grueling day in the heat, I decided to spend my evening with a viewing of JURASSIC PARK. Truly a childhood favorite for me, I started to wonder if you could create the same kind of magic with the same story now as Steven Spielberg did nearly twenty years ago.

Well it seems that Spielberg is now discussing ideas with screenwriter Mark Protosevich to reboot the JURASSIC PARK franchise. The two were working together before on a possible OLDBOY remake with Will Smith and when that didn’t work out, Spielberg and Protosevich started to fashion a story for the next possible JURASSIC PARK film. Is Protosevich the guy people want Spielberg talking to when it comes to a reboot for such a beloved series? It all depends on if his career credits hold any interest to you. The writer has penned scripts for THE CELL, POSEIDON, I AM LEGEND, and most recently THOR.

Both Universal and camp Spielberg are both saying that no one has been engaged to write a script and that the talks are simply exploratory. It’s definitely hard to be uninterested in this idea but as I said before, can the magic be re-created?

Steven Spielberg

Source: THR

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