The Cannonball Run (Blu-ray)

November 17, 2011
Aaron Walker

There are a lot of movies that I remember fondly from my childhood. Most I’ve continued to enjoy as I grew older, and hope to share with my child as he grows older....

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All Dogs Go To Heaven (Blu-ray)

April 28, 2011
Brad Sturdivant

By the time ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN was released in 1989, I was past the cartoon stage of my childhood and so I never sat down to watch this animated feature until this Blu...

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Trifecta #07: Respect the 'Stache!

November 13, 2009
Brad Sturdivant

by: Jeremey Gingrich You can’t go out and party every weekend, so on those nights you want to take it easy, has put together a bi-weekly column to help you w...

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