Downton Abbey: Season 3 starring Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville coming to Blu-ray in January

PBS has announced that DOWNTON ABBEY: SEASON 3, starring: Jim Carter, Hugh Bonneville, Rob James-Collier, Elizabeth McGovern, Dan Stevens, Michelle Dockery and Maggie Smith, will be available on Blu-ray in a 3-disc set on January 29th, 2013.

DOWNTON ABBEY follows the Crawley family and their servants as they lead up to the beginning of World War I. DOWNTON ABBEY: SEASON 3 chronicles the post World War I of the Crawley family and the struggles to maintain their financial stability.

Downton Abbey S3 BD

I know DOWNTON ABBEY has become this crazy phenomenon that has swept the nation, but I have yet to hop on the bandwagon. I have every intention of watching the show but since there are only eight episodes per season, I figured I might as well wait until a couple were out so I can just have a marathon. If you share my thoughts then January may just be the time for all of us to brew our tea and curl up on the sofa for a winter marathon with the Crawley’s and DOWNTON ABBEY.

No special features have been announced for DOWNTON ABBEY: SEASON 3 at this time.

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