Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron star in the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer

Mad Max Fury Road Trailer

Of all the movies that made a splash at Comic-Con, I don’t think any of them helped their cause more than MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.  Sure, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON and BATMAN VS SUPERMAN drew a lot of attention and got a lot of applause, but those movies were going to be huge whether they showed up at Comic-Con or not.  But there were a lot of questions around MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.  For starters, the original films are more of a cult classic and let’s be honest, MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME didn’t exactly give hope to anyone wanting the franchise to continue.  So rebooting it so many years later in an ambiguous sequel/prequel/lateral film was a risky venture to say the least.  Pile on that the fact that the film has seemingly been filming for years and you have a bundle of trouble.  But the tide may have shifted with this Comic-Con trailer and it looks like director George Miller has gone back to his roots, crafting a gritty, depressing and exciting film for our titular hero.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Nicholas Hout, Zoe Kravitz, Riley Keough and Nathan Jones.  The George Miller directed film hits theaters on May 15th, 2015.

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