Tom Hardy is in talks to star in Everest for director Doug Liman

Tom Hardy

To say that Tom Hardy is a fanboy favorite would be an understatement.  For those that didn’t already love him in his smaller roles like BRONSON, they were sure to become a fan after watching him steal the show as Bane in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  But aside from the third Batman film, Tom Hardy has struggled to find box office success.  Even his first film post-Batman, LAWLESS, failed to put people in the theaters, leading Hollywood executives to wonder if Tom Hardy is a true A-list movie star or just another talented actor.  But while the executives hash that out, we can sit back and look forward to his next project.

Although it probably won’t be his next film, Tom Hardy is in early talks to take the lead in the film EVEREST for director Doug Liman, which is based off the Jeffrey Archer book ‘Paths of Glory’ (obviously, they couldn’t go with that name since Kubrick had a film of the same name in 1957).  The film will be about real life mountain climber George Mallory, who is credited as being the first man to climb Mount Everest, although there still seems to be some controversy about whether or not he ever made it to the peak of the mountain.  You may not know who Mallory is, but you surely know his famous quote after being asked why he was so determined to climb the mountain; “because it’s there”.

The script was written by Sheldon Turner (UP IN THE AIR) and probably won’t shoot until late 2013 at the earliest.  Hardy has the Mad Max sequel filming as well as roles in THE LONG RED ROAD, possibly WITHOUT REMORSE and the long gestating Al Capone film.  Director Doug Liman also has a busy plate, but could jump on EVEREST after he finishes up ALL YOU NEED IS KILL with Tom Cruise. (Deadline)

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